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Student Employee of the Year Award winner podcast
Listen to the senior resident assistant named UT Austin Student Employee of the Year share why Longhorns should live on campus.
Soncia Reagins-Lilly
Soncia Reagins-Lilly

Led by Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Soncia Reagins-Lilly, the Division of Student Affairs works with academic partners, staff, parents and student leaders to influence our students in Living the Longhorn Life®. Supported by the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Division’s nine departments, 37 units and 40 facilities offer first-class programs, facilities and services. They include on-campus residence halls, apartments and their dining facilities, medical and mental health services, new student and family orientations, recreational sports and two university unions. The Division employs 1,800 students annually and supports 1,000 student organizations, student emergency and veteran services, and leadership programs.

Top Stories

Pete Schaack

Recognizing “Influencers” of the Longhorn Life

Meet the Recreational Sports leader receiving a President’s Staff Award for Outstanding Supervisor for his dedication to mentoring and supporting students, student employees and staff for more than three decades.

Staff Awards

How We Are Influencing the Longhorn Life

Congratulate your 58 colleagues with a combined 1,125 years of service to the university – and recap our dynamic events lineup that maximized the Longhorn experience.


Telling Our Living the Longhorn Life Story

We brought burnt orange spirit to several conferences, sharing how our reimagined Living the Longhorn Life identity resonates with students, staff, donors and others.

Housing Scholarships

First-ever Pilot Housing Scholarship Program

UT Austin launches the first-ever pilot housing scholarship program to assist an estimated 3,500 low- and middle-income students.

Back to Better, Impact Report

2021-2022 Impact Report

Take a look back on how we influenced the Longhorn life in 2021-2022.

Strategic Priorities, 2022-2027

Influencing the Longhorn Life

These five strategic priorities for the next five years will guide us in influencing our students in living the Longhorn life.

Change Starts Here

Change Starts Here

Learn how Change Starts Here: UT’s 10-Year Strategic Plan to Increase Impact sets a bold direction for us.