As the hub of student life and well-being, the Division of Student Affairs collectively creates and offers transformative student-focused opportunities and communities for every student — undergraduate, graduate and professional. The team inspires students to live the Longhorn life through the Division’s uniquely-designed programs, spaces and resources.

These programs, spaces and resources within the eight departments challenge every student to reach their life and academic goals through an enriched, rewarding and fun college experience. With a foundation of belonging and well-being at its core, the Division’s work is powered by specialized teams in business services, human resources, information technology services, assessment, administration, communications and development. 


Counseling and Mental Health Center

The Counseling and Mental Health Center supports undergraduate, graduate and professional students through assessment and referral, group and individual counseling, psychiatry and well-being services. The team provides high quality, innovative and culturally informed mental health programs and services that enhance and support students’ well-being, and academic and life goals.

New Student Services

New Student Services coordinates programming and initiatives for all students year-round to ensure they transition both academically and socially to the University. This includes New Student Orientation and Family Orientation, transition initiatives, first-generation student resources, and autism and neurodivergent outreach and support.

Longhorn Wellness Center

The Longhorn Wellness Center focuses on priority college health issues and promotes well-being for all students using evidence-informed multi-level prevention strategies. These include student training programs, health education, marketing campaigns, campus outreach, public health interventions and strategic campus partnerships.

Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students offers comprehensive support and involvement opportunities for all students. Resources include outreach, accountability, legal services, interventions and referrals, and veteran and military affiliated services. The team supports 1,000+ student organizations through leadership development, risk reduction, and hazing prevention, and hosts programs and events.

Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports advances the well-being of Longhorns by providing education through recreation. The department does this through its recreation facilities, programs, services and special events, as well as student employment and leadership development opportunities.

Texas Parents

Texas Parents serves all students’ families who need assistance navigating University resources. All parents and families of enrolled undergraduate students are members of the Texas Parents Association, the University’s official association for parents. Membership provides benefits to support and promote student success from enrollment through graduation.

University Health Services

University Health Services is the on-campus medical facility for undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The team offers comprehensive healthcare services, public health education, campuswide immunization clinics and leadership for emergent health issues.

University Unions

University Unions is at the heart of campus life, enhancing the student experience through unique and multi-faceted facilities, programs and services. The Unions provides an array of educational leadership and development opportunities; comfortable places to study and relax; fun and enriching events; and a wide selection of food options.

Key Programs, Spaces and Resources

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