Faculty Resources

As the hub of student life and well-being, the Division of Student Affairs creates the ecosystem to support the whole student. Sharing their expertise, the team partners with faculty and academic colleagues to help build a foundation of belonging and well-being for all students. It’s established at orientation, getting students into a “Longhorn State of Mind,” then influencing them in living the Longhorn life (you are here, you do you, you change the world) during their academic journey. The Division’s “all students, all the time” mindset and spirit of cooperation allows for a quick response to emerging student needs and concerns, supporting academic success and graduation.

Counseling and Mental Health Resource Guide

Check out this resource guide for faculty, instructors and academic leaders sharing some of the Counseling and Mental Health Center's high-quality and accessible mental health services.

Counselors in Academic Residence (CARE)

These licensed mental health professionals have offices in colleges, schools and units to provide mental health support to students. This is a partnership between the Counseling and Mental Health Center and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.

Faculty Resources Regarding Students

Read this Fall 2023 message to all faculty.

Texas Well-being in Learning Environments

See how Counseling and Mental Health Center staff are helping improve students’ well-being in the classroom.