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Division of Student Affairs Strategic Priorities 2022-2027

The Assessment, Data Analytics & Planning Team (ADAPT) is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture of data-informed decision making and continuous improvement. The team supports Division of Student Affairs stakeholders in collecting and analyzing data. This data informs and enhances our programs and services to maximize our students experience as they are living the Longhorn life.

The team also provides educational opportunities so that all stakeholders are equipped to effectively gather, analyze and report data. They disseminate infographics, reports and research briefs that provide a better understanding of the Longhorn experience. Team members also represent the Division on committees related to assessment and data analytics.

Annual Assessment Plans

Each department and unit in the Division of Student Affairs compiles their assessment results annually. They use this information to identify one outcome to improve and assess in following academic year. Assessment plans are due Oct. 1.

Assessment Team

The Assessment Team (A-Team) is a group of Division staff who assists with assessment activities within their departments. They possess knowledge, skills and experience with assessment techniques and best practices.

Contact the Team

-Monique Payne Pikus, Director, Assessment, Data Analytics and Strategy

-Megan Krou, Associate Director, Assessment and Data Analytics

-Huajian Gao, Graduate Research Assistant