Our Experts Leading the Way, April 2024

Published: April 1, 2024

Our Experts Leading the Way

The annual gathering of national student affairs professionals brought our team’s expertise front and center with many staff presenting at the conference. Our thought leaders also positioned our programs and resources in front of an international audience at South by Southwest Education conference. And, the White House included one of our initiatives on a key list of opioid prevention programs.

The White House Challenge to Save Lives from Overdose included SHIFT, a partnership between the Division of Student Affairs and Undergraduate College, and the College of Pharmacy for Operation Naloxone. UT Austin has trained 3,400+ students, staff and faculty on overdose response and distributed 2,280 naloxone doses at 19 locations across campus (including three distribution centers). They also give out naloxone to College of Pharmacy students and student organizations.

Natalie Murray (UT Austin Strategic Academic Initiatives), Jennie Sanders (Western Governors University), Karen McGregor (Purdue Global) and Rachel-Cohen Ford (Office of the Dean of Students) at SXSW EDU

Rachel Cohen-Ford (Office of the Dean of Students) presented with Karen McGregor (Purdue Global) and Jennie Sanders (Western Governors University) on the Power of Coaching in Higher Education at SXSW EDU®

Rachel Linking Leaders Forum
Rachel Cohen-Ford (third from left, Office of the Dean of Students) with fellow panelists at the Linking Leaders: Higher Ed Futures Forum.

Rachel Cohen-Ford (Office of the Dean of Students) participated as a panelist in the Linking Leaders: Higher Ed Futures Forum hosted by ClassLink and Canva. Rachel shared her perspectives on creating a culture of innovation and ensuring student success alongside other higher education professionals. 

Christopher Rzigalinski (Austin Community College), Kinza Barrister (UT Austin Student SHIFT Maker), Kate Lower (SHIFT) and Chris Marshall (SansBar) at SXSW EDU

Kate Lower (SHIFT) with Kinza Barrister (a SHIFT Maker and junior management information systems major), Chris Marshall (SansBar) and Christopher Rzigalinski (Austin Community College) presented "SHIFTing the Conversation: UT’s Zero-Proof Community Culture" at SXSW EDU®. 

Susie Smith (Texas Parents) and Brian Watkins (The University of Maryland) led a webinar “Help Me Help You! How Membership Gifts, Fees and Sponsorships Can Support You and Your Constituents” for the members of the Association of Higher Education Parent/Family Program Professionals (AHEPPP). 

Division staff who presented at the 2024 NASPA Annual Conference

Alma at NASPA Conference
Darcy Roberts (Texas A&M University) and Alma Garcia (Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs) at the 2024 NASPA Annual Conference
  • Alma Garcia (Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs) with Darcy Roberts (Texas A&M University): “Assessment, Communications and Fundraising: Storytelling, Collaboration and Success” 
  • Kelly Soucy (Office of the Dean of Students) with Ashley Jones (Red McCombs School of Business) and Robert Leary (University Risk and Compliance Services): “Navigating Secondary Trauma and Response in Student Affairs Practice”

    Jenny Walker at NASPA
    Devin Franklin and Angela Ging (StopHazing), Jody Donovan (Colorado State University), Meredith Stewart (StopHazing), Elizabeth Allan (University of Maine) and Jenny Walker (Office of the Dean of Students) at the 2024 NASPA Annual Conference
  • Jenny Walker (Office of the Dean of Students) with Elizabeth Allan (University of Maine), Jennifer Desmond, David Kerschner and Meredith Stewart (StopHazing), Jody Donovan (Colorado State University), Angela Ging (Pennsylvania State University): “10 Signs of Healthy and Unhealthy Groups: A Training Exploring Group Dynamics and Application to Hazing Prevention”